OUR Directs JPS to Submit Quarterly DETAILED REPORTS

The Office of Utilities Regulation(OUR) directed the Jamaica Public Service (JPS) to begin submitting quarterly reports on the information they collect when they read the meters of the residential customers whose electricity bills are higher than the stipulated average of their previous bills.

Whenever a customer’s meter reading is +/-30% of average previous reading the OUR wants the JPS to take note and submit a report. JPS is also being asked to indicate the method it used to notify customers of any significant variance in their consumption, as a part of the directive.


In a letter dated April 29,2021 which followed a report issued in October 2020, the JPS was also asked by the OUR to provide a report on why they failed to notify customers of significant variance in consumption between August 2014 and June 2020.

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The quarterly exception reports should be submitted to the OUR 20 working days after every quarter ends, following June 30, 2021. 

The OUR has also requested a report from the light and power company in which they should outline the corrective action(s) taken and measures it will take to prevent the recurrence of any more non-compliance with exemptions criteria.

JPS should not be issuing estimated bills to any of their customers in a billing period exceeding 30 days. 99% of bills must be based on meter readings.

The OUR revealed that the directives followed investigations done by them into customer complaints of high bills since April 2020.  The Regulatory Office expects full compliance with its directives.

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