OUR Sends JPS Serious Cease And Desist Notice

Saturday, October 16, 2021, 6:54 PM

The Office Of Utilities Regulation (OUR) has taken a firm stance and issued a cease and desist notice to the Jamaica Public Service Company, (JPS) for the “Transformer Protection Programme”, that they informed the regulations office they started as a pilot project.

The main reason behind, OUR’s orders to JPS is based on the fact that since July of this year they have been receiving complaints from several communities islandwide ranging from places in St. Catherine, Clarendon, St. James, Kingston, St. Andrew North and South that they have been experiencing frequent power outages for prolonged periods, however, JPS made claims that the outages were a strategy to tackle electricity theft in the areas.


The OUR has, however, ordered the power company not to take any actions like that again in any other community islandwide for 90 days starting on October 15, while they carry out investigations into the matter.

The situation according to the Office Of Utility Regulations might affect paying customers in the wrong way. They even spoke to the fact that they did not give JPS the authority to do such a thing and notified the Power company that enforcements will take place if the orders are not followed, which will find them subjected to whatever circumstance section 9 of the OUR act brings.

After writing to JPS earlier this year, OUR had only received a response on October 4th when they became aware of the “Transformer Protection Programme”, the power company told them they implemented which is currently in the pilot stage.

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