Out-of-Control Fire-Blazing Bus Crashes into Car with Man Inside – Watch Video

Friday, December 1, 2023, 2:13 PM

An out-of-control white mini-bus engulfed in flames that crashed into a parked motor vehicle on the street in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica has caught the attention of many.

The video shows vehicles speeding away at the sight of the fire-blazing mini-bus approaching them. But, one particular male motorist of a white Toyota Probox was not as lucky as he was unfortunately caught in the middle.


During the incident, the driver seemingly panicked and jumped in his vehicle which was parked in the line of direction of the danger ahead. The bus then crashed into the car with him inside. Within seconds, the passenger side door opened and the man was seen getting out of the vehicle from that end and running away.

Watch the incident below:

Fire-Blazing Bus Crashes into Car

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