Over 800 People Killed by Klansman Gang According to Reports

December 29, 2023

According to Fitz Bailey, Deputy Commissioner of Police, over eight hundred people have died because of one of Jamaica’s most infamous gangs, the Klansman Gang. He revealed this during a press conference on Thursday where he stated, “Our investigations have linked the Klansman Gang to at least 800 murders since 2014.”

The Klansman Gang is said to host its base of operations in Spanish Town, St. Catherine, and is also registered among the top five most brutal criminal entities on the island.


On Thursday, December 28, the Organised Crime Branch (C-TOC) and Counter-Terrorism carried out operations in parts of St. Catherine which led to multiple arrests. This is not an isolated event as for the past nine months, approximately 31 individuals said to be members of the gang were taken into custody after highly concentrated investigations.

The commissioner said, “We will continue this effort and step by step we will ensure that Jamaica is safer as we bring it to the gangs.” He mentioned that the anti-gang strategy has been working thus far and that the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) is dedicated to uprooting gangs island-wide.

Bailey also stated that the faction of the Klansman Gang run by Tesha Miller, who is currently imprisoned, was the section targeted by the operations and that many of those now in custody will be facing charges under the anti-gang law such as shooting and murder charges.

Recently, another faction of the Klansman gang, the One Don Gang, led by Andre Bryan, otherwise known as Blackman, saw 15 of its members convicted. According to reports, Bryan was sentenced to 39 and a half years in prison.

In 2008, gang activity accounted for 80 percent of Jamaica’s murders but has since decreased to 67 percent.

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