Oxford-AstraZeneca Covid Vaccine Jab Confirmed Safe after Trial by the USA

March 22, 2021 2:58 PM

The long-awaited US trial results of the AstraZeneca Covid vaccine were released and they confirm that the jabs are highly effective and safe. There were more than 32000 volunteers who were mainly from America, Chile and Peru and there were no reports of blood clots.

It was 100% effective, the people who got it were prevented from falling badly ill and it was 79% effective in stopping symptoms of the novel coronavirus disease.


The EU countries that paused the rollout of vaccines recently, can be reassured now and It was reported that some have started using it again.

AstraZeneca collaborated with the University of Rochester and the vaccine was proven to be useful in protecting the elderly from the dreadful Covid-19 illness. Data was collected from a new trial run.

Approximately a fifth of the people who participated in this trial were over the age of 65 and the protection they received was just as effective as that seen in the younger age groups.

In the UK hundreds of thousands of citizens are being vaccinated every day with AstraZeneca and the numbers participating in the trials in other places are small compared to the UK numbers. The results are important for the USA as they await approval for the vaccine to be used within the next month or so.

These results are great news as they are consistent with the original results that were released after trials led by Oxford. Widespread use of the vaccine is expected to cause a strong impact against Covid-19 and it can protect people in all age groups from different backgrounds.

There are some individuals who fell ill after they received the jab but it is not confirmed that it was the vaccine that caused their problems. It is believed that the vaccine will save lives and it is important for people to get protected.


According to reports thousands of persons are dying across Europe daily.


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