Pamputtae Gets First Corporate Deal

October 30, 2021

Female Dancehall artiste Pamputtae’s years of experience, and talent has finally secured her a corporate deal with the soapmaker company Blue Power Group Limited, and the new move is something the entertainer is very pleased with.

The female deejay whose real name is Eveana Henry was introduced to the company by her friend, after which the entertainer performed several times for the soap company, winning their hearts and getting her first corporate deal from the company.


Pamputtae’s deal finds her promoting the company’s cake soap called “Super Whites”, a move to get more people familiar with the company and their products via the internet.

According to the female deejay, she was always the type to be called out for her raw lyrics and so this move to her is a growth experience that saw her changing things and working with those who show interest in working with her. That is how the “It Good” artiste says she prepared herself for securing a deal which she got with Blue Power Group Limited who welcomed her to their team in September.

Pamputtae currently uses her Instagram account as the platform, where she promotes the soap company’s products and their respective effectiveness.

Leading up to everything the entertainer told the Jamaica Star who she spoke to that her song “Single Mother”, which she did in 2018, was a catalyst to changes in her life that caused people to see just how diverse in talent she is, opening doors for her to now be considered for corporate deals which at one point in her career would not be possible due to the slack content she was known for.

While speaking to the Jamaica Star, Pamputtae referred to herself as someone that persons can work with, going on to describe herself as someone able to follow instructions since no one is too grown to learn.

As it related to other branding opportunities, the female deejay says they have been right at her doorsteps however, she is giving them some time to see how things work out before making any major decisions. In a recent charitable act, Pamputtae in collaboration with Blue Power Group Limited contributed products to the artiste’s “Single Mother Foundation”.


The entertainer, in her talk about the new deal, said that some changes require acceptance while some demand you to create them.

Overall it is a good look for Dancehall music as more females are stepping up and securing deals with corporate companies, whether for business or recording purposes.

Pamputtae is well known as one of the females who had her rise in Dancehall music with a raunchy raw style of lyrics with songs such as “Heavy Gold Digga” and “Slim vs. Fluffy” featuring Spice which blew up and became an international hit for the genre.



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