Papie Keelo Releases “Club House” For The Ladies

Dancehall artiste Papie Keelo whose given name is Robert Taylor has a track out for the ladies entitled “Club House” with an official music video that has racked up thousands of views on Youtube since its release. The song was produced by World Cloud Music and the music video was shot by Pro Films.

To start off the song, Keelo made it clear his intention was all about the girls by telling UK and America to send them to him. In the chorus of the track, the entertainer sang about stepping into the club and having the females tear off his shirt and willingly give him the time of his life. The entertainer uses the rest of the song section to express how his presence makes the women fall in love with him to the point where they are willing to open up to him due to him making them happy by buying them bottles of drinks.


In the verse of the song, the deejay goes in by describing the vibe of the girls once they are enjoying themselves. As such the deejay makes it clear that the women dancing with him are physically fit and sturdy to the point where they would force a pastor to want to take them out.

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Papie Keelo

In the second verse of the song, the artiste highlights a specific girl that his eyes got fixed on while in the club and to describe how she has been eyeing him all night and as such being magnetized by those movements the deejay expressed that anywhere she goes he will be following her Even if she had jumped in the pool, Papie Keelo made it known to her that he would have been swimming as well since she is his boo.

The music video, features the artiste in several different scenes such as a poolside, in a vehicle, in a lounge with friends and at a studio with a white background performing the lyrics of the song. To make the poolside scene bring off a party vibe, the deejay had two girls gyrating in the pool on him while he had friends and the girls in the lounge drinking and smoking which gave the visuals a club vibe.

Some interesting effects were also applied to the music video as well, especially in the studio scene with the white background which showed the shadowy digital images of females whining to make the section have an aesthetic and vibrant look.

“Club House” is the latest release from Papie Keelo who originates from St. Thomas but now lives in Kingston as he seeks to make his mark on the dance scene.

The artiste and producer can be followed on Instagram for more content at @Papiekeelomusic and @worldcloudmusic.

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Watch the official music video for Papie Keelo’s “Club House” below.

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