Papie Keelo Releases “Inna Mi Zone”, “EL CHOPPANUER” and “EL CHAPPANUER Lifestyle” From EP

Rising dancehall artiste Robert Taylor who is more commonly known as Papie Keelo has released three songs from his EL CHOPPANUER EP. Papie Keelo, also known as Di Spanish Boss, released EL CHOPPANUER and EL CHAPPANUER Lifestyle a few days before Christmas after releasing the audio visualizer for Inna Mi Zone on October 29.

Inna Mi Zone, produced by BSG Records, begins with Papie Keelo speaking about making a living through the illicit action of chopping, which was never his dream. He continues to speak about his childhood, growing up in poverty with his siblings, and the accomplishments he has gained by chopping on the phone. 


The audio visualizer for EL CHOPPANUER hit streaming platforms on December 21. The song, which saw collaborative efforts from producers Romii Records and World Cloud Music, is a raunchy track for the ladies. The song touches on the entertainer’s riches and his charm with the ladies.

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Four days agoPapie Keelo released the EL CHOPPANUER Lifestyle music video, produced by Romii Records and World Cloud Music, featuring Telepathic Entity. The St. Thomas native featured numerous people in the video who were dressed as thugs.

Most of the video was shot at a poolside where Papie Keelo and his crew were dancing, throwing cash, and having a good time. “EL CHOPPANUER lifestyle, killa nuh tek diss. Affi buss a lot a head, how yuh think we get rich,” he sings in the video.

Watch the music video below.

The artiste and producer can be followed on Instagram for more content at @Papiekeelomusic and @worldcloudmusic.

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