Parents Mourn Loss Of Children Taken By House Fire

Tragedy struck in the community of Barrett Hall close to lilliput, St. James when a fire safely took the lives of two children. The deceased were identified as 3-year-old Aden Flowers, and his sibling 1-year-old Christopher Flowers.

It is reported that the boys were left at home while, their mother went to the shop to fetch items to prepare meals for them when she was suddenly contacted by her brother-in-law, telling her that the house was on fire.

The Fire Brigade Unit that deals with St. James was contacted, and even though they sent three trucks, they could not save the house as it was ablaze upon them reaching the location. The boys were later found lifeless, amongst the rubble.

The mother of the children, Christian Johnson said while in tears, she had ensured that all accessories were plugged out and that there were no lighters close to them.

Omar Flowers, the father of the children is also deeply saddened by what happened, and he is claiming that someone might have done it because he knows how the house operates, and usually when the mother leaves them at home will always go by the window and wait until she comes back.

The Police unit from Irwin, St. James has agreed to house those persons displaced by the fire temporarily.

There was nothing that could be done by the nearby Police station, as it was also burned down a few days before.

Learn more from the video report below.

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