Parents Of Missing 9 Year Old Plagued By Sleepless Nights

Saturday, October 16, 2021, 12:01 PM

The parents of 9-year-old Phylisa Prussia, Korian Prussia and Latoya Dyer are now in a state of distress along with the other members of their community since the frightening abduction of their daughter on Thursday evening.

The situation according to Prussia and Dyer has left them sleepless but still trying to make every effort to locate their little girl who was taken from their home around 7:00 Pm on the mentioned day.


The family is from the Bottom Yard District, in Bath, St. Thomas, and search efforts have been on the way since the child was reported missing which saw Child Protection, as well as Police departments such as the Corporate Communications Unit, and the department handling Canines also helping out the situation now deemed to be very serious.

According to Phylisa’s father, he would love if they could find her alive, without anything done to her and even if something was done to her, Prussia said he would just like to know his little girl is alive.

In relation to the abduction, a man has been suspected who currently has charges of illegal possession of firearm and rape in Portland, which is even more cause for concern.

According to the reports, the Parents of the child own a shop, which saw the suspected man pulling up on Thursday to make a purchase. According to Phylisa’s sister who the mother left the child with, to go to another shop to purchase food, her little sister was playing with the dog on the verandah however after a while she heard nothing which she described as strange since she would have usually heard her sister once she is playing with the puppy.

Once she realized that there was no sound of Phylisa, she went to check and that is when she realized her little sister was gone. The suspected man was the last person reported to be seen with the child via CCTV where he was last sighted in the area of Plantain Garden River with the child.

According to Phylisa’s aunt Doreen Dyer who spoke with the Jamaica Observer who initially brought the story, her niece always topped her class at the Bath Primary and Junior High School she attends and was not the type that was oftentimes seen on the road.

The sad aunt also spoke to the fact that since the abduction of her niece she has been feeling weak in the legs, whilst also describing the distress that the parents have been going through while trying to locate their daughter.

Superintendent Allison Byfield who heads the St. Thomas Police stated that the case is now a matter of high priority considering it is a 9-year-old girl and that she has been missing since Thursday.

The Ministry of Justice has also shown their support to the parents, and community members through counselling provided by their victim support unit personal Uriel Smith.

Hours ago PM Holness took to social media to voice his concern on the matter.

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