Pastor Charged after Police Swarms Church in St. Ann – Video

“I’m not afraid of the gornment I am not afraid of the law” says the female Pastor of the church who had over 50 people in her congregation.

The police officers were met with resistant and had to wait several minutes before they were ackowleged by the worshipers. The female paster who is also the acting minister of health in St. Ann stated on several occasions to the police that she was the one in charged and outlined that only she can send home the worshipers.


Police appeared at the Church in Defiance of Covid Measures in Jamaica. The the pastor was subsequently charged by the the St. Ann police who continues to ask for the compliance of the the churches islandwide.

“arrest the wul a wi” stated some of the female congregants.

One person commented “I dont understand how the prime minister asking people to follow covid protocols and he allow Sagicore to have that big run in kingston on sunday and we dont see social media fighting for justice. Tired of this dirty government.” while another said “If church people breaking the law, what will the sinners do? Should have locked up all of them, and charge them all. No example kmt”.

PM Holness earlier outlined that churches should resort to online sessions until told otherwise.

Watch the video report below about the dramatic encounter.

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