Pastor gives Details on Witnessing the Killing at his Church in Trelawny – Video Report

Wednesday, February 3, 2021, 9:43 AM

“I was frozen to see lights flashing… ” According to the pastor he was stunned as he watched the turn of events which lead to the death of his church member.

The pastor states that he saw the man sitting down in the church moments before he carried out the gruesome act and intended to greet the unknown man who he regarded as a ‘visitor’ however he decided to leave the young man alone.


Shortly after he passed the man, he said the shooting occurred however he did not get to see the shooter’s face because the person had on a hat.

The pastor pointed out that more persons would have been in church had not been for the heavy rain fall on the day.

Learn more from the video report below.

As earlier reported…

The Police have been successful in arresting three men they suspect to have involvement, in the murder of Andrea Lowe-Garwood while in the church including the main suspect her stepson.

Superintendent Carlos Russell, of the Trelawny Division of Police, has commended the lawmen on their efforts to speedily make arrests in connection with the murder.

Reports are that since the passing of Andrea’s husband, she began receiving death threats and even had to have the police escort her to the funeral in fear of death threats that were sent to her, telling her she should not show up or she will be killed.

Unfortunately, the woman’s life was taken, while in praise and worship service at church, when a man entered the building around 10:30 a.m and sat behind her only to later pull out a handgun, shooting her multiple times.

The gunman then escaped in a white Toyota Allion vehicle, and Andrea was rushed to the hospital but died from the injuries she received.

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