Pataskeng the New Sensation in the Dancehall with the Dance “Touch”

September 4, 2019 9:47 PM

Pataskeng is the young dancer/artiste burning up the dancehall with a new dance that he calls “Touch”. In a recent interview, he spoke about the origins of the dance and said it was a blessing.

He said.”Mi and mi bredren Pedro was chillin at Magnum Wednesday and Kemar Icon was there as well.” He heard the song “Talk Bout” playing and he felt a different vibe.


This caused him to run through a space that he saw in the middle of the crowd and he then started moving his hands in a new way. Two little girls, Pretty-Pretty and Rebel saw him, and they started talking about his moves and began following him while they did the dance. Eventually, almost everyone learned the moves and that is how the dance “Touch” became the new craze.

After that a three-year-old child dancing to the same song he felt like dancing more.

He said the dance got that name because it is soft and easy to learn, he even explained the movements. This is it, “you put your left foot out, then pop your fingers down and then you pop your waist before you spin on the spot and then you put your hands on your waist and move.

The dancer says he wants to do more for his mother, she is a blessing in his life. He has one sister at home but his father lives in Spanish Town with other children.

The dancer is dedicated to his craft and he is also putting out songs. The first one “Pata shake” was a collaboration with the artiste “Eye Wata” and it helped him to gain popularity, and now his next song “Ouch” a collaboration with another popular artiste QQ will be released soon.

Pataskeng grew up in Arnett Gardens an area in Kingston that is also referred to as Jungle. The people in the area love him a lot and they are doing all they can to support his career. They know the people from Western Kingston are talented and they are serious about their careers in the music business.



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