Paula Llewellyn Will do “Everything” Possible to ‘Keep Kartel in prison’ Regardless of Justice?

As the nation awaits Jamaica’s Appeal Court ruling, whether or not Vybz Kartel and the Co-accused men will go through a retrial, social media users continue to give their two-cents on the matter.

Foota Hype is one of the many social media personalities who have been vocal about the proceedings, in favour of a Kartel release, in a new live-chat, Foota urges Gaza fans to stop trolling the DPP Paula Llewellyn online.

Llewellyn recently outlined that she will be pursuing a retrial given the details of the case.

According to Foota Hype, if Vybz Kartel wins the case, her “greatness” would be diminished, “she would be seen in the system as a failure… fi har purpose is to keep Kartel in prison.. how unuh fi expect sympathy from har… cah mek sense!”.

He went on to tell Kartel’s fans to relax themselves amidst the legal saga.

Watch the live chat below:

In another uploaded video, Foota Hype took aim at Tu-Lox conducting an interview with controversial podcast host Jaiifrais, he also told ‘Andrew Holness’ to ‘Move Up’.

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