Peanut Dread Calls Slick Whiteline a “Scammer”, Slick Whiteline Tells His Side of the Story – Watch Videos

In a recent interview with the Jamaica Observer, Peanut Dread, born Osbourne Ellis, revealed his poor living situation and deteriorating health and reached out to the public for assistance. The viral social media figure disclosed that he had not profited despite his internet fame, and viewers began pointing fingers at people who were using his content without paying him.

With accusations spreading that Ellis was being cheated out of his money, popular social media comedian Slick Whiteline, who has spliced Ellis’s videos into his own content, was forced to respond. In a Livestream, Whiteline said that he has stopped using Ellis’s videos and made it clear that the only person who owes him is the person who operates his YouTube channel. Whiteline continued by stating that he had been paying Ellis for the use of his content up until October when he sent him US$300, but Ellis requested more money the very next day.

According to the comedian, he has even recommended Ellis for local and international performances, such as Sting and a show in Canada. But Whiteline claims that Ellis has never been appreciative.

“You will give Peanut Dread money today and him cuss yuh tomorrow. And these are tings weh mi neva eva come pan social media an talk bout cause mi nah look views affah dis,” Whiteline stated.

Whiteline reiterated that the person in charge of Ellis’s YouTube channel should pay him for what he earned from the channel and added that if it is not expected of him to pay other popular figures like Queenie for splicing their content, why should he pay Ellis?

Ellis has now responded with his own conflicting version of the story and claims that Whitlane used his content without his permission. In a recent sitdown, Ellis shared that Whiteline only paid him $300 because he reached out to him and alleged that Whiteline requested that he share with the public that both of them were amicable. Ellis said he requested a regular monthly payment as Whiteline had his own channel. Referring to Whiteline as a “bandwagonist” and “scammer”, Ellis added that the comedian tried to turn fans against him and told them not to support his channel.

“If him did deh near me and do these tings, a bullet him enuh, because mi nuh know him, mi nuh do him nutn,” Ellis said angrily, later adding that he would be pursuing anyone using his content without permission.

Watch the videos below.

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