Penis Filler Injections is slowly becoming trendy for Men

Using Penis Fillers have become the new thing that men do when they want to satisfy their partners and boost their self esteem. Some men are no longer ashamed to have them done, even though there are warnings over complication.

The procedure costs approximately 3000 pounds and hyaluronic acid is injected under the soft tissue that is under the skin that covers the shaft of the penis. The effects of the nonsurgical procedure, lasts for 18 months. It is completed in a few hours in specialist clinics.

After the procedure is done, a man’s flaccid girth can have an increase of one or two centimeters, it depends on the amount injected.

The procedure could lead to complications that will impair sexual functions later on and it does not affect the length of the penis when it is erect, so it does not improve its performance in any way.
Men who get the procedure done have reported that they feel less ashamed when they are in places where men walk around with nothing on.

There has been an increase in the number of men who are requesting penis fillers recently, even though infections have developed in some male organs and Doctors have removed dead skin from the shaft of many and replaced it with skin from other parts of the body.
Men are still taking the risk for many different reasons.

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