Phillip Paulwell’s Partner Arrested in Relation to the Disappearance of His Baby Mother and Their Daughter

Saturday, October 7, 2023, 11:51 AM GMT-5

As the investigation into the suspected kidnapping of Phillip Paulwell’s baby mother and their daughter continues, the Member of Parliament’s long-time partner, Leoda Bradshaw, has been named as the police’s main suspect and arrested.

Bradshaw, a member of an American law enforcement agency, was revealed to be the main suspect in the investigation on Friday following reports that a close associate of Paulwell was arrested Thursday evening.


Her identity was confirmed by Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Fitz Bailey, who also disclosed that three male suspects had been taken into custody. It is believed that Bradshaw and the men each played a role in the disappearance of Paulwell’s daughter Serayah and her mother Toshyna Patterson, who were last seen at their home on September 9.

Prior to her arrest, Bradshaw, who is the mother of one of Paulwell’s children, denied having any involvement in Patterson and 10-month-old Sarayah’s disappearance. According to Bradshaw, she became aware of Paulwell and Patterson’s relationship after receiving an email on September 5, which prompted her to question the MP if it was true. Paulwell is said to have confirmed the past intimate relationship with Patterson but could not confirm the paternity of the infant.

During his address to the press on Friday, DCP Fitz Bailey expressed surety in the evidence they had collected against Bradshaw. But he shared that it was necessary to ensure the conclusion of all ongoing matters before she was formally charged. Bradshaw and her fellow suspects are expected to be charged with kidnapping, conspiracy to murder, and other additional charges.


Bailey noted that there were legal issues that prevented him from revealing additional details about the investigation. However, he reiterated his confidence in the strength of the evidence and added that it could “stand up to any scrutiny in any court of law.” Reports that burnt remains were discovered by the authorities in the Rockfort area of Kingston on Friday were not confirmed during Bailey’s address to the press.


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