Phillip Paulwell’s Accused Baby Mother Issues Lengthy Statement! “I have absolutely nothing to do with the disappearance of Ms. Toshyna Patterson and her baby girl”

The female who is currently being accused by the public after the disappearance of Toshyna Patterson and her baby daughter has come forward to clear her name and provide much-needed info with regard to recent communications between herself and Patterson.

Leoda Bradshaw, who has a daughter with Phillip Paulwell and is currently in a long-term relationship with the MP declares that she made contact with Patterson, however, she has nothing to do with her disappearance.


Bradshaw who is a federal officer outlined that she only spoke to the missing female “through a brief Facebook exchange”.



My name is Leoda Bradshaw.

I am a federal officer.

I have a daughter with Mr. Phillip Paulwell and we are in a long-term relationship.

I wish to state categorically that I have absolutely nothing to do with the disappearance of Ms. Toshyna Patterson and her baby girl.

The only interaction I have ever had with Ms. Patterson is through a brief Facebook exchange.

I wish to share the sequence of events leading up to my exchange with Ms. Patterson.

In May 2023, my 8 year old daughter with Phillip was sent sexually explicit photos, which were later followed by email threats and extortion attempts.

The matter was reported to the FBI, the National Center for missing and exploited children and the Broward County Sheriff’s Department Internet Crimes Against Children. They later reported the matter to the Jamaican authorities.

The threats against our child continued for months as the authorities investigated.

On Sunday, September 3, an email was sent to the Parliamentary Group making threats that personal information on Phillip would be released to the public. They also made damning threats against our child.

On Tuesday, September 5, I received an email from a advising me “she” has been trying to contact me for months on Facebook to inform me that Ms. Patterson had a child with Phillip.


I spoke to Phillip and he confirmed that he had a brief relationship with Ms. Patterson and it is possible that the child was his but he was not certain as a DNA test had not yet been done.

Following my conversation with Phillip, I searched my Facebook history and noticed in my spam chats messages from an account with the name Jessica Dean, who had the PNP logo as her profile photo. She said she had been trying to reach out to me since June to bring to my attention the fact that Ms. Patterson’s child was Phillip’s.

This was the first time I was hearing about Ms. Patterson and the child.

I also noticed that Ms. Patterson had searched for my profile on LinkedIn 4 weeks ago and again 2 weeks before the emails came.

On Tuesday, September 5, I sent Ms. Patterson a message on Facebook messenger advising her that Phillip had opened up to me about their involvement and the possibility that the child was his. I advised her that Phillip and I would ensure the child is taken care of financially and a DNA test would be done to ensure that Phillip was the father of the child.

That was the only time I had any interaction with Ms. Patterson. I have never spoken to her by phone nor have I made any arrangements to meet with her.


Any such reports in social media are lies and will be passed on to my lawyer for action to be taken in the days ahead.

I have shared all information I have with the authorities and I hope their investigation will lead to the safe return of Ms. Patterson and her baby girl.

As can be seen from my exchanges with Ms. Patterson, there was no anger but just a genuine wish to see that an innocent child is taken care of and not caught up between two parents no longer in a relationship.

I will continue to work with the local and US authorities to get to the bottom of the threats against my family, in particular our young daughter.

I will continue to pray for the safe return of Ms. Patterson and her baby and ask anyone with information to contact the police.


Additionally, the message below was shared to a popular social media page with regards to Patterson being reportedly seen online after being reported missing.


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