Mother Reports Son Missing Then Holds Him Captive as a Sex Slave for 8 Years

In 2015, a then 18-year-old boy was reported missing by his mother after he ran away from home because his mother kept disrespecting his boundaries. However, the boy, Rudy Farias, came back home two days later and his mother convinced him that he would get in trouble with the police for running away so she hid him in the house.

After he was reported missing neighbours found it strange because they claimed to have seen the boy at home on multiple occasions but most of the time he was not in his right mind.

Reports state that for the last eight years, Farias was held captive by his mother who wanted him to “play daddy” by doing sexual acts with her. Now 25, Farias was found with cuts and bruises outside of a church in Houston, Texas; he was unresponsive.

A community activist, Quanell X, spoke with Farias without his mother present (as he refused to speak in her presence) and he told reporters some of the details of what happened. According to Quanell X Farias was “tired of living like a slave” and wanted a life where he was independent and able to do the things he wanted to do.

Quanell X (left) and Rudy Farias (right)

His mother made him go to work with her and take on the tasks that she was supposed to do and at home, she made him sleep in bed with her and play her husband. Farias would sometimes sneak out of the bed and hide under it.

Quanell X stated that Farias revealed to him that his mother kept him on hallucinogenic drugs, like mushrooms, to keep him from running away. However, It seemed that Farias had tried to escape on multiple occasions as his mother’s car was stolen around two weeks before he was found and he admitted that he was the one who stole the vehicle.

Watch the video report below:

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