Phillip Paulwell’s Partner ‘Leoda Bradshaw’ Accused of Flying to Jamaica to Murder Several Persons

Saturday, October 14, 2023, 10:42 AM

Leoda Bradshaw, who was recently charged with being the main conspirator in the kidnapping and murder of Philip Paulwell’s baby and baby mother, Toshyna Patterson and Sarayah Paulwell, is now being accused by a woman who claims that she took out life insurance on her and her mom, with the sole intention of killing them to collect the life insurance package.



As per reports from Friday’s court proceedings, a prosecutor claims that Bradshaw who is a US Navy petty officer flew to Jamaica shortly after knowing about the existence of Patterson’s child, “with the sole purpose of killing Toshyna Patterson and the young child.”

On the other hand, a woman who goes by the name Carisha Forrester-Reid on her Facebook page says she and Bradshaw once shared a close relationship, so much so that Bradshaw called her her little sister. She also said she left her child in the custody of Bradshaw. According to Forrester-Reid, she is done being quiet and has come forward to expose more immoral behaviour by Bradshaw.

In her own words via Facebook, the woman stated, “This is what the face of betrayal and pure wickedness looks like. I’ve been sitting in my own guilt day after day wondering, how could I allow someone who called me their little sister to really come into my life and try to ruin me and my family.”

Forrester-Reid continued her lengthy speech, seemingly asking Bradshaw if the reason why Bradshaw wanted her and her mom dead was to get the life insurance money to fund her wicked plans.

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In an apparent reply to commenters, Forrester-Reid said the following regarding the life insurance plot, “She put life insurance on us (without us knowing) with her as the beneficiary. Then tried to lure us to JA while she was being investigated for the murder of Toshyna and her baby. Just way too much to even type. But everything that went down in JA was calculated.”

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