Plane Crash Lands On Roadside In Orlando, Florida – Watch Video

Drivers at a busy intersection in Orlando, Florida were left stunned after a single-engine aeroplane crash-landed on the side of the road.

Reports state that around 4 p.m. on Friday, a single-engine Cessna 182 aeroplane was forced to make an emergency landing along an intersection at University Boulevard. The incident was captured on camera by a passenger in one of the vehicles driving on the road. “Oh my God…,” a passenger shouted as the aircraft quickly descended from the air and nose dives into the intersection. Narrowly missing multiple vehicles, the plane slid into a fence and blocked the driveway of a house.

The pilot of the craft, 40-year-old Remy Colin, its sole occupant reportedly did not suffer any major injuries, as well as any bystanders. Authorities later warned to avoid the area for several hours due to the debris left from the accident.

Colin shared with ABC News that he was forced to make the emergency landing along the thoroughfare due to running out of fuel. According to him, he was making a short test flight for the plane’s annual inspection, however, became distracted by fixing its faulty radio, failing to check the fuel levels. With no other alternative after the plane lost power midflight, Colin chose to “sacrifice the plane” and land on the side of the road, trying not to harm anyone.

Watch the video below:

Video – Now This News

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