PM Andrew Holness Announces Plans to Increase Jamaica’s Minumum Wage in April 2023

Under fire leader of Jamaica Andrew Holness recently took to his Instagram to announce plans to increase the country’s minimum wage, which currently sits at $9000 a 29% rise from the previous $7000.

Considering the pressure Andrew Holness faces from multiple sectors that fall under the government, including teachers in public schools, taxi drivers, and the general public, the politician posted the announcement via Instagram with the following caption.


“The last increase under the Minimum Wage in 2022 was the single largest increase in the entire history of the Minimum Wage Act, moving from $7000 to $9000, an increase of 29%. As the Minimum Wage was changed only one year ago, many Minimum Wage earners are concerned as to whether they will have to wait a year or two years for another increase. Minister Samuda will announce the new Minimum Wage in a few weeks, in April 2023, and when he does, so he will have the concurrence of the Cabinet.”

However, the majority of commenters on the post were not happy or pleased about the proposed wage increase, pointing to the fact that Jamaica’s inflation rate is high, so the wage increase, this time around should be a lot more. One person stated, “Minimum wage should be at least $15,000 weekly. Things are very expensive and we have children to go to school. Thank you.”

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While another commenter on the post summed up the general feeling of the public by stating, “Times r hard n u will neva understand wat ah regular Jamaican go tru, u killing poor people I’ve spent more than 1500 in fare from morning an it makes no sense because I’ve got nowhere, without ah job who gonna give u bck tht 1500. Poor people fed up n that’s y crime will neva stop!!”

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