PM Holness Addresses Red Hills Road Murder

June 1, 2020 5:47 AM

While addressing the nation on Sunday, May 31st, The prime minister of Jamaica Andrew Holness sought to address the recent shooting death of a 46-year-old shop keeper along Red Hills Road in St. Andrew.

Holness explains that he spoke to Marva Gowie’s son and he was impressed with his attitude, “i had a very good talk with this young man” the PM explains that Marv’s son requested that justice is carried out.


Andrew Holness explains that the conversation reminds him of how much getting justice for such killings are important to Jamaicans and has a result he would be doing the best he can to get justice in this case and for other similar killings.

Holness stated that there is an “Independent Commission of investigation” That takes over these matters with a pursuit to obtain justice”

“People feel they don’t get social justice” Holness explains that he gets this general feeling however the Government in fact cares and do as much they can to get justice “noting in these matters will be hidden or swept under the carpet,” Holness said that the social and economic position of the victims will not affect the outcome of justice, “noting will be hidden” he added.

The laws and processes will be followed totally towards justice he concluded.


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