PM Holness Announces Mandatory Mask Wearing Will Return

Prime Minister Andrew Holness has announced that masks will become mandatory again soon due to the number of active Corona Virus cases on the island rapidly increasing, putting Jamaica in the fifth wave of Covid-19.

The Prime Minister announced the return of mask-wearing today (Friday) at the handing over ceremony of a house under the New Social Housing Programme in Latium in St James.


“It is going to be a requirement shortly for all our citizens to return to wearing their masks,” Holness stated. “As you know, we are in the fifth wave and it will be a continuing feature of life going forward that we will for some time be experiencing recurrent bouts of increased infections from this disease. It is called the endemic phase and meaning that the disease is becoming a part of our daily routine,”

Prime Minister Andrew Holness will also hand over another unit to a beneficiary in Lottery, another community, in the St James East Central constituency.

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