PM Holness Changes His Stance To Pro-Death Penalty, “We are going to remove you from our community”

Tuesday, November 21, 2023, 1:33 PM

Prime Minister Andrew Holness has changed his stance as it relates to the death penalty for murder, returning to Jamaica’s law books. A stern-sounding Holness sighted the heartlessness of criminals, and the gruesomeness of killings continuously taking place on the Island.



“My own view on the penalty for murder has evolved; I was never a supporter of the death penalty, but the more I study this matter and begin to understand the minds of the criminals, there are no soul there; they have no heart, they need to be removed from among us,” Holness revealed.

The prime minister also admitted that the current laws are not sufficient in his speech, as he clearly outlined that the statutes are not strong enough to be a deterrent to criminals.

However, the Prime Minister seems as if he was all talk and opinionated as he did not present or hint at any current plans to re-introduce the once-feared law back into existence in a video shared on social media via the Jamaicaobserver’s Instagram page. Holness outlines that he was not here to debate the jurisprudence of the death penalty matter.

In closing, Prime Minister Andrew Holness urged the public to act by stating, “Now is the time for the nation to speak in one clear voice to the soulless, heartless criminals amongst us; we are going to remove you from our community let us get the toughest measure in place.”

See the video below:


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