PM Holness DISAPPOINTED with LOW Amount Of Students Vaccinated

Sunday, September 12, 2021, 6:54 PM GMT-5

In the first leg of the community vaccination program that recently took place in St. Thomas, Prime Minister Andrew Holness expressed his displeasure with the fact that only approximately 40,000 students have been given the “Jab”.

In his talk at the community meeting, he also said that there might need to be a reconsideration on the part of the Government, where the vaccination target is concerned.

Previously, the Prime Minister working with the Ministry of Health and Wellness had set a vaccination target of 65 percent of the population by March of 2022 to increase herd immunity, however, according to Mr Holness only 13 percent of Jamaica has so far gotten the first dose and due to the evolution of the virus into different strains, the goal might need to be a higher number.

As it relates to the number of students who got the “Jab”, the Prime Minister expressed in his talks with the people of St. Thomas that he is not pleased and knows that some parents are hindering their children from being vaccinated.

He also made a point to express his displeasure by stating that there are children who want to be vaccinated but because the decision is left to their parents they are not able to get the medicine.

In a circumstance such as a hindrance by parents, Prime Minister Holness explained to the people that the Government cannot violate their rights however, can only continue to encourage them to get the “Jab”.

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