PM Holness Gives Update From UN Climate Change Conference

Prime Minister Andrew Holness was present at the United Nation’s 26th hosting of the Conference Of Parties (Cops) being held in Glasgow, Scotland and has already given an update on what the main objective of the gathering is all about.

According to, (Cops), has now existed for over 3 decades and it involves countries from all over the world coming together to discuss climate change with its current impact on the world and the changes that must be made to lower Global warming.


It is reported by the website that in 2015, at (Cops21), held in Paris two important agreements were made by all countries present to aim at dipping the warming amount of the earth beneath 2 degrees, hopefully attaining the specific goal of 1.5 degrees and to meet again every 5 years with up to date plans and solutions.

According to Prime Minister Holness, who posted the information about (Cops26) on his Twitter account, the sentiment that this year’s conference participants are pushing is “meaningful climate action now”.

Mr Holness went on to state that the commitment of all involved stakeholders of the conference has been secured in cooperation with the climate change agenda, with him further going on to express his high anticipation with the progression of events and his expectation of a turning point that is set to come.

The Prime Minister then went on to tweet about his hopes of the commitments agreed upon being kept, since climate change is already having a brute impact on the region. Accompanying the Prime Minister’s words were pictures posted by him with other world leaders including Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister Of the United Kingdom.

Even though the Prime Minister was very serious in his Twitter posts, some persons still had a laugh and one person who goes by the name @Jamaica118118, commented on the post by saying “Seriously Andrew why you getting involved in climate change when we 90-degree weather all year round in Jamaica”, then went on in a jeer to say “what you gonna do sell Boris Johnson some sunshine”.

However, there were not just negative comments about Andrew Holness’s visit to the conference, as there were Twitter users who congratulated the move as one of progress.



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