PM Holness Recalls the Death of 153 Females in Kingston

May 20, 2020

Earlier today the Prime Minister of Jamaica enlighten us about a 1980 tragedy whereby 153 elderly females lost their lives.

Andrew Holness took to Instagram to post the following “Today we recall with immeasurable sadness the tragic deaths of 153 elderly Jamaican women whose lives were claimed by a fire that razed the Eventide Home, a golden age home, 40 years ago on May 20, 1980.”


This is the first time many Jamaicans are earing about this horrific incident, one person commented “I didn’t grow up hearing about this. It needs to be integrated into our History curriculum. Thank you for sharing this, Mr. PM” While another said “Integrate this in the Jamaican curriculum and take all the American history out. Jamaicans get out of school knowing more about USA than their own culture.”.

Holness closed his statement by stating “This was a truly heartbreaking catastrophe and a dark time in our country’s history which we must never forget. Today, I honour the memories of the beautiful souls we lost, and pledge to do all we can to protect and care for those in state or private care facilities for the elderly”.

It’s reported the victims were buried at the National Heroes Circle in Kingston/


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