PM Holness Reports That “Major Crimes” Declined By 19% in Jamaica

The statistics for the comparative period for the month of January 2021 and January 2022 have been released.

In a tweet made by prime minister Andrew Holness on Twitter, he reports that Major Antony Anderson, the commissioner of police, is reporting that the country is experiencing a decline in most major crimes. A 6% decline in murders, 20% decline in shootings, 14% decline in robberies, 67% decline in rapes, and an 11% decline in break-ins. A 19% overall decrease.

The table tweeted by the prime minister shows the category of crime, the two periods being compared, the amount of crime that took place over the period, and the percentage of the decrease.

There were mixed reactions on Twitter as some tweeters were applauding the government for having tackled crime in a ferocious way and some encouraged the government to continue heading in the same direction.

On the contrary, some tweeters were disappointed with the figures and questioned its authenticity “kmt what this info supposed to do crime is out of control, the justice system needs to be revised, measures need to be put in place to help fight crime, stop showing us figures which I believe is also false”. tweeted one user.

Some tweeters even expressed confusion saying that they did not understand what the charts were saying as Jamaica’s crime problem is way out of control.

The country has reported over 137 murders since the start of the year.

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