PM Holness Responds to Tuesday’s Parliament Drama ‘Golding A Man Without Honour’

The leader of Jamaica and the JLP Hon. Andrew Holness took to social media Tuesday night to share a lengthy statement that was made by Senate President Tom Tavares-Finson, KC regarding the dramatic events that unfolding on Tuesday in Kingston in the George William Gordon House of Parliament located at 81 Duke Street.

Seemingly still cooling down from the drama, Holness made sure to not not say much himself about the comments by Golding about his wife which was a public yet also a personal matter. Holness’ statement stated, “For all that was said today, pay attention to what was not.”

The short statement was accompanied by a video which features the audio of Tavares-Finson talking on the matter.

At one point, Tavares-Finson stated that Golding “attacked” Mrs Holness who is the speaker of the house, he also suggests that Golden will say anything for political gain. He further stated that Golding used her to “score cheap political points”.

According to Tavares-Finson, Mark Golding via his actions showed that he has no “honour or plans for this Jamaica.”

In particular, Holness highlighted a apart of Tavares-Finson’s speech that stated, “Having created this anticipation and being unable to meet the expectation of the Jamaican people, his strategy, at what was almost the very end of his speech, was to attack the Speaker of the House.” Senate President Tom Tavares-Finson, KC

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