PM Holness Visits Khanice Jackson’s Mother – Video

The Prime Minister to Jamaica Andrew Holness along with the Deputy Commissioner of Police Fitz Bailey and other members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force and the media visited the mother of Khanice whose name is Eunice Chambers at her home.

Holness while talking to the mother, was told that the police did not do enough in response to the missing report from the family. Khanice’s sister went on to explain that she drove to the suspect’s workplace on the day that Khanice went missing but he was not present at the workplace hence she left her number and he called her in the night.


In talking to the media Holness stated that the Jamaican culture has become somewhat numb to domestic abuse and the usual response from the police is slow and sluggish. Holness went on to assure the family that the government is taking the issue seriously and he’s personally working on having a quicker response time with regards to missing persons on the island.

According to Deputy Commissioner of Police Fitz Bailey, he’s certain that they have the right person in custody however protocols must be carried out at this time to ensure the case is handled correctly. He also states that they have knowledge of how the killing happened when it happens and also items linking the killer to the crime.

Watch the video below to learn more.

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