PM Holness Warns about RESTRICTIONS for Persons Who Don’t Take The Vaccine

October 8, 2021

Prime Minister Andrew Holness has spoken out once more about the pending vaccine mandates that are just around the corner to be introduced to Jamaicans and he had some very interesting things to say about it recently while on a tour of vaccine sites.

In his talks, Mr Holness spoke about the impending times which will see people being given a chance to either take the vaccine or be subjected to restrictions.


These changes according to the Prime Minister will take place in a matter of time, based on the efforts of the public and the processes such actions come with.

Mr Holness also went on to explain that the Government has considered the fact that the rights of Jamaicans must be respected however, he has expressed that the issues concerning vaccination cannot be left unattended.

In respect to people’s rights, the Prime Minister has stated that is why he has been doing vaccination tours however he has claimed that it is something that cannot continue for long.

In his speech, he spoke to the fact that in everything he is sorry for the children and the education system that has been affected by persons who have decided to think differently.

Speaking more on the matter, the Prime Minister has expressed that the Government has done their part in spreading the message of getting vaccines and distributing them. He also went on to let people know that if they think things will return to normal if they do not take the jab, it does not work like that.

Mr Holness also Spoke about the Journalists, leaders and Government who have been pushing for the vaccine mandate stating that there is still more to be done before it is put in place however he is still warning of the upcoming changes.



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