PM Holness Warns That Strikes Will Impact Jamaica Negatively

Saturday, May 14, 2022, 4:33 AM

While speaking at the handing over ceremony of the Montego Bay Fire Station in St. James, the leader of the island Prime Minister Andrew Holness outlined that if the action of ‘strike’ continues by public sector workers, it will significantly impact the country’s revenue.

He went on to detail that less revenue will mean less money for disgruntled workers to be paid from.


Over the past week, workers from air traffic control, the National Water Commission, NWC and workers from the National Housing Trust, NHT all went on strike, protesting for better wages and benefits.

In addressing the matter further, Holness says the government has to strike a balance in addressing all the sectors. He also mentioned that the protests are not in the best interest of everyone on the island.

In closing, Holness requested that public sector workers stop using industrial action to air their issues, “it’s not in our interest to kick over our own milk,” he concluded.

Listen to his speech below.

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