PNP Calls On INDECOM To Investigate Allegations of Sexual Harassment at JDF

Monday, January 18, 2021, 6:57 PM GMT-5

Jamaica News, The People’s National Party (PNP) is now calling on INDECOM to begin an investigation into allegations made recently by the relative of a female soldier regarding sexual misconduct and abuse of power within the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) immediately.

Senator Donna Scott-Motley, PNP’s spokes person said the case generates significant concern around how allegations of sexual harassment of female soldiers are managed by the JDF and in particular, how The Defence Act is manipulated to punish women who speak out against harassment.

She is surprised at the obvious sexist approach to discipline and order that is taking place in the Jamaica Defence Force.

It is alleged that after ending a sexual relationship with a male JDF officer, a female soldier was given ‘bad duty’ and sentenced to 14 days in military detention before she was charged because of The Defence Act.

There was no information given so far that suggested that the male officer was punished in any way for his involvement with the female soldier even though she had been punished.

The PNP representatives thought discrepancies in the JDF’s treatment of the female soldier would be discriminatory and it seems like the kind of chauvinism that is typical of many military organisations around the world.

The PNP’s spokesperson┬ábelieves both individuals who were involved in the relationship should be treated in the same way and that women should be assured of protection under the law.

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