PNP Dayton Campbell Defends Himself Against Sexual Assault Allegations

Thursday, May 27, 2021, 10:25 AM GMT-5

PNP General Secretary Dr Dayton Campbell is sternly defending himself against the sexual assault accusation of minors, laid against him by PNP activist Karen Cross. Dr Campbell recently released a statement concerning the matter, after his name began to spread like wildfire throughout the media about the accusations.

The PNP general secretary stated that the statements procured against him were all formulated by Ms. Cross, with motives connected to a well-funded strategy, to replace him then replace the leader of the Political Party.

Karen Cross

According to Campbell the issue was reported to the Police immediately after the claims began to circulate, also stating that he counteracted the actions of the PNP activist by filing a lawsuit of defamation against her.

In his denial statement, he also said the Police upon investigating the case discovered no grounds which would legitimize the claims.

About the allegations, Karen Cross who brought forward three statements against Campbell is also said to not have provided the police with the statements. Campbell also said in his statement, that if the claims by the activist were witnessed by a JP they would have been forced to bring the matter to the Police, under the Child Care Protection act.

The accused Politician further expressed his disappointment towards the actions of media houses, for bringing up a matter like this in a time when gender-based violence is being advocated against. Check out his statement below.

The name ‘Dayton Campbell’ was trending on twitter on May 26th with many people leaving their opinions on the matter via tweets.

The latest on the matter is that, Karen Cross has filed her defence to the defamation suit brought by the party’s General Secretary Dr. Dayton Campbell.

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