PNP Supporters Call for Results to be Released

Amidst the ongoing saga related to the final counts in the Local Government Election, a host of People’s National Party (PNP) supporters took to the Electoral Office’s headquarters in Kingston to protest against the delay of the final results.

As per reports, about a dozen supporters gathered at the location on Duke Street calling for the Electoral Office of Jamaica (EOJ) to make the final numbers public.

In an interview with a rep from Irie FM one of the supporters, dressed in orange colours asked why the results are taking so long to finalize.

The supporters share similar sentiments as Mark Golding on election night, believing that they had won the election, as per many supporters, the delay is just a strategy by the JLP to manipulate the final results.

However, on Wednesday, the leader of the opposition, Mark Golding issued a statement stating that competent personnel are overseeing the counts and if there are discrepancies he will inform the public.

He also highlighted that he’s optimistic about the results being fair and accurate.

In response to the PNP supporters calling for the results, one JLP supporter commented online that, “If this a no desperation I don’t no what is. Then all th people yah could a no have nothing to do.”

On the other hand a PNP supporter commented, “Brogod a go turn Jamaica like Haiti, Brogod all a turn out sweet Jamaica in a Batty man country. That’s our rights, is Manley mek uno can vote. In Busta time if you don’t have a house and paying Property taxes you couldn’t vote. It would be only the rich man can voteman”.

See some more reactions to the delay below:

As per the most recent update from the ECJ(Electoral Commission of Jamaica), the People’s National Party (PNP) is ahead of its political counterpart (The Jamaica Labour Party [JLP]).

The latest results state that the PNP has taken 44 of the 87 electoral divisions that have been counted so far, while the JLP has claimed 43.

See Golding’s statement below:

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