Police and Male Motorist Showdown After He Failed to Comply to Orders Following Traffic Violation – Watch Video

Tuesday, November 28, 2023, 12:42 PM

A tumultuous encounter between a male motorist and police officers was shared with the media after the driver failed to comply with the lawmen’s orders following a traffic violation.

In the video, the driver was first stationed inside a vehicle and was informed by a police officer that the stop was because he was overtaking in a line of traffic. He was then ordered to produce his license and vehicle documents, but that request was dismissed by the motorist who proceeded to bring up his car window.


“Goodnight sir, produce your driver’s license and vehicle documents, please and thanks,” an officer said. With the man’s car glass still up, the officer repeatedly instructed him to comply with his demands, but the man could be seen inside his vehicle pointing his fingers as if he was arguing with the lawman.

The situation eventually worsened when the officer said to a colleague, “yuh have pepper spray?” and again warned the motorist to take heed to his command or else the vehicle would be pepper sprayed. Shortly after, the sound of a spray bottle being triggered is heard, coughing in the background and the driver finally exiting his vehicle with a bag emitting smoke.

Approaching the motorist, the police asked him to declare any firearm in possession and to turn around, but this resulted in a brawl between the man and at least two other officers on the scene. “Turn around? turn around and do wah? Mind weh yah do enuh yute. Yah mad man,” the motorist argued.

The commands, “comply with the police, comply, comply with the police, put yuh hands behind yuh now,” were directed to him before being slapped with a baton two times on his foot, he fell to the ground, still holding on to the bag.

Ultimately after the back-and-forth, the man was arrested after calming down and led to the police car where he had to be instructed on numerous attempts to put his foot inside the vehicle. However, he responded that the handcuff was too tight.

The video ended, showing a police officer opening and placing the man’s bag on the ground as it emitted smoke.

Watch the video of the incident below:

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