Violent Bloody 2-Man Fight Ends in Standoff With 7 Police Officers in Westmoreland – Watch Video

Sunday, November 26, 2023, 4:04 PM

Violent scenes were captured on camera of two persons fighting on a road in western Jamaica. The bloody altercation involved two men; one armed with two stones and a stick, while the other had a piece of board.  

The footage of the frantic brazen daylight battle began with the two men exchanging blows with one of them ultimately being struck in the head with a stone. The video then transitioned to show the injured man walking away from the fight with a cut to the forehead and blood from his face to his white T-shirt.


Soon after, four police officers appeared on the scene attempting to apprehend the man who caused the bloody injury to the other, but that turned into a chase. Walking away from the lawmen with his weapons; a stone and stick in hand, the seemingly mentally ill man led them along the street and took his shirt off at one point, getting ready for the challenge.

The officers then split broke formation, with one charging ahead to hold the man to the ground then the others stepped in. During the ordeal, one officer’s firearm fell on the ground and was picked up by the man who aimed it at one of them. An officer had to wrestle with him to take the gun away.

Three more police officers arrived on the scene on bikes and foot. The man was beaten with a baton and was finally handcuffed and dragged to the sidewalk by the lawmen.

The incident reportedly took place last week in Savanna La Mar in Westmoreland.

Watch the video below:

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