Police Arrest Two Men For Stealing A Vehicle In The Corporate Area – Watch Videos

Members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force intercepted a stolen vehicle hours ago along the Mandela Highway in the vicinity of the Six Miles bridge. A vehicle was stolen by two thieves, who had held a woman and her child at gunpoint earlier today. Reports state that a woman and her child were driving in a silver Honda Fit vehicle in the Three Miles area when gunmen obstructed them. 

The armed men ordered them to exit the car and drove off. Allegedly, the thieves hit several motor vehicles when they attempted to escape in the traffic, and the police had to fire warning shots. The thieves reportedly abandoned the silver vehicle and tried to flee in a black car. However, the police intercepted the thieves with assistance from the Jamaica Eye Surveillance system. The two men were subsequently arrested.


Footage of several police officers demanding the thieves to surrender has emerged on Twitter. In the clip, four policemen, with their guns out, order the perpetrators to lower the windows and turn off the engine. There are two police vehicles visible on the scene among the other cars. A second video has also been published, showing the robbers lying flat on the ground as the vehicle was inspected.

Watch the videos of the incident below.

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