Police Brings Tommy Lee On Apartment Searches

Saturday, August 1, 2020, 9:50 AM

Developments from the Tommy Lee Sparta case have reached a point where the police have taken the artist on apartment searches to aid them in their operations.

This is coming after the deejay was arrested under the State of Emergency in Montego Bay established because of the eruption of violence in the parish.


The police have said that Tommy Lee was a person of interest that might have valuable answers that can help them in their work.

Since recently 10 persons were detained in association with gang violence as it is said by the police.

The superintendent of the constabulary force has made it clear that they are working towards the dismantling of the number of gangs that exist.

It is not known for sure however if the artist had anything to do with the recent mass arrest that the police made.

Rumours have been circulating however claiming Tommy lee’s association with a man arrested in the recent operation.

The artist has been in lock up since July 7 where he still remains to this day with the possibility of spending much more time.

Under a State of Emergency the police can detain a person without charges for up to 90 days.

Tommy lee properly known as Leroy Russell is yet to be charged.

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