Police Clash with Protesters after 20yo Black Driver was Killed by Cops – Video Report

Monday, April 12, 2021, 12:13 PM

There was a very active stand-off in front of the Brooklyn Centre Police Department after a young Black man was shot and killed by the officers. A traffic stop turned deadly when the Brooklyn Police tried to stop a young father in a regular traffic stop, When they were trying to arrest him for an outstanding warrant, he got back in the vehicle and started driving away. 

This caused an officer to shoot at him and he succumbed to his injuries after they tried to use life-saving measures to revive him, he died on the scene. 


A large crowd gathered outside the crime scene that is still tense, as some people were threatening the Police. 

Dante Wright was only 20 years old had just called his mother and told her that he was being pulled over by the Police. His child’s mother was with him and she got mild injuries.

Learn more from the video report below.

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