Police Corporal in Custody Following Cooking Oil Robbery

December 19, 2022

The disappearance of cooking oil from a vehicle owned by a licensed dealer in Spanish Town on Saturday, December 17, is currently the subject of a thorough investigation. Law enforcement authorities have identified a police corporal as the primary suspect.

According to Spanish Town Station, two individuals signalled the operator of the motor vehicle to halt as he approached the Spanish Town Bypass at approximately 9 a.m. The driver consented to them halting the motor truck but was then instructed to enter a Honda Fit vehicle, whereas his two co-workers have been taken away in the vehicle by two other assailants.


Moments after the components were hauled away, the vehicle was discovered abandoned in the Old Harbour vicinity. Both the operator and the coworkers were unscathed in the incident. Sources also indicate that the operator was allowed out of the perpetrators’ vehicle at Spanish Town’s center.

Detectives started their investigations as soon as they obtained the statements. A black Honda Fit automobile matching the statements of the one used in the theft was intercepted by police during an operation with two males inside around the Church Pen, Major Road vicinity in St. Catherine.

The two individuals were later identified as the perpetrators. The vehicle included a Browning 9mm weapon, 28 9mm rounds of ammo; and a police vest.


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