Police Find Guns At A$AP Rocky’s L.A. Home

During a search at A$AP Rocky’s Los Angeles home, the police found several guns on the property which were reportedly taken for the detectives to run ballistics tests in order to determine if either of the weapons were used to shoot a man during an argument in Hollywood.

According to TMZ reports, thorough background checks were also to be done to determine where the guns were coming from, who bought them and if the weapons were ever reported stolen.


However, TMZ reported that sources close to the rapper said the police were quick to realize that the “lawfully purchased and legally registered” guns found inside of the house were not connected to the Hollywood shooting incident.

Surprisingly, the source also claimed that the officers had not removed the weapons for testing because they had determined on the spot that the guns were not connected to the crime.

This statement does not match the statements from the law enforcement sources TMZ received, which states that the police seized the guns from the property.

As you know, A$AP was arrested immediately following his return from Barbados last week with Rihanna. The rapper was detained for assault with a deadly weapon during a November altercation when he allegedly had a dispute with a man who ended up getting grazed by a bullet on his hand when a gun went off. 

A$AP was later released on a $550,000 bond.

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