Police Knows the Identity of the People Who Were in the Aircraft at Rocky Point

Tuesday, February 2, 2021, 7:28 AM GMT-5

The police reported that they are now aware of the identities of persons who were on the aircraft that crash-landed in Rocky Point, Clarendon over a week ago.

Jamaica’s Police Commissioner Major General Antony Anderson revealed that he actually knows the individuals who were flying and it is now a part of a transnational set of investigations that is going on. 

The identities, or nationalities, of those who were on the aircraft when it landed was not disclosed.

Anderson spoke on Monday, February 1, at a police virtual press conference in order to update the nation on developments pertaining to crime.

The commissioner also revealed that the plane was not destined for Jamaica and it was registered in Mexico.

They now know there was no real cargo on board, so it was not carrying drugs, Anderson reported. Even though he believed that some details about the case should be withheld.

The Corporate Communications Unit (CCU) released some information a day following the crash landing of the aircraft, a Cessna XB-JMR twin-engine plane, on the south coast, the information given was based on reports given by citizens who said they had seen the air craft fall from the sky.

The Lionel Town police also reported that it was about 7pm on Saturday, January 23, they were called to the location and the aircraft was found and checked, but no passengers or cargo were seen on the plane or in the area.

Even though many checks were made at nearby hospitals, the medical personnel revealed that no one had arrived for treatment at their facilities from the plane.

To date, the Caucasian men that were allegedly seen by residents were not found. 

The businessman from Rocky Point who was taken into custody for questioning, not long after the aircraft was found, was released also without being charged.

On the other hand, Skillibeng has made a song and music video about the plane crash, claiming that his friends got the “coke that was on the plane before the police arrived.

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