Police Man Fined For Inappropriately Dancing With A Woman On Police Car

The policeman that was caught on camera dancing with a woman on a police vehicle has been fined for his actions. The video went viral on social media and received many mixed responses.

The footage was recorded recently when two police were visiting a small gathering that had music playing, it was captured by a Kingston Western Division resident which is the area where the policeman is believed to be stationed.

In the video, two lawmen exited the vehicle when a woman approached the policeman on the left side of the car and began dancing on him, she lifted one leg, placing it on his shoulder, and he proceeded to dance along with her. As the video continued, he leans her against the service vehicle and continued with his ‘daggering’ moves. As a result of this, the onlookers grew excited as they laughed and cheered.

The reactions following the video either displayed detest towards the policeman’s actions, approval of it or statements degrading the Jamaica Constabulary Force.

After being informed by the Corporate Communications Unit (CCU), the communication arm of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, that the police high command was aware of the video and that they were awaiting instructions on the disciplinary action to take, it has been reported that the officer in the video has been fined several days’ pay.

He was charged the fine after he was found guilty when he appeared in the Orderly Room, a police disciplinary hearing procedure. His colleague that was travelling with him that night did not receive any disciplinary actions as the issue against him was dropped.

Senior Superintendent Michael Phipps, head of the Kingston Western Police Division confirmed this in a statement to OBSERVER ONLINE.

“He got convicted and paid some days’ pay.” He said. “We withdrew the charge against the other policeman.”


He went on to state that the disciplinary breach did not require a suspension, hence the lawman is still at work.

Watch the viral video below.

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