Police Release Identities of 2 Men Killed in Trafalgar Road Shooting, Third Man Escaped in a Van

Jamaica News, Commissioner Anthony Anderson reported that they were building out their capacity to deliver better policing for 3 years. He spoke about reviewing the several video footage of Mondays incident, which showed how the operation was carried out, and thinks the police’s response was appropriate. 

It was a combination of human and technological intelligence that caused the success. The network of CCTV cameras helped the lawmen on the ground and he plans to continue improving that same Jamaica Eye Program in other towns as well. The quick response team was also efficient in the way they carried out their duty.


The two gunmen who were killed at the intersection of Old Hope Road and Trafalgar Rd have been identified. One of them was known as Richard Green from Swallow field who was out on bail after he was charged with murder 2 years ago and the other dead Gunman was known as Ramone from Delavega city, the third criminal managed to escape and is not yet identified.

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The details of the incident is controversial at the moment because earlier reports stated that two men were killed and one arrested. New developing details is that the third suspect escaped in a van that was passing by after the other lawmen went in pursuit of the second suspect who later died after his capture.

The yet to be identified man who escaped in the moving vehicle is said to be badly injured.

The men were killed after they murdered a business man in Swallow field minutes earlier that day. The police are still keeping watch on the Swallow field community where the businessman lost his life.

Check out the full report below.

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