Police Reports – 2 Americans of Haitian Origin and 26 Columbians Assassinated Moise

The Haitian police reported on Thursday, that 28 men assassinated Jovenel Moise. They also said 2 of them were Americans of Haitian origin and 26 were Columbians.

National police director general Leon Charles reported at a news conference, that 15 Columbians and 2 Americans of Haitian decent were arrested by the police. While 3 Columbians were killed and 8 were on the loose.

It was also reported that the materials and weapons used by the assassins were recovered.

Charles vowed to continue searching for the killers who were on the loose because the poorest country in the Americas has no president now and their parliament is not functioning, there are 2 men claiming to be in charge as prime ministers at the moment.

Charles spoke a day after both Haitian President Moise and his wife were shot at their residence in the Capital, Port au Prince.

Moise died in the early morning attack but his wife was taken to Miami by air ambulance and she is now in a stable condition.

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