Police Run Down Mavado To Do This – Watch Video

In a video that recently surfaced on social media, dancehall artiste Mavado was stopped by officers in Jamaica. While some would assume that he was involved in unscrupulous activities that would attract the attention of the island’s law enforcement officers, these two agents of police had a different view of the Jamaican DJ.

While it is unclear where on the island the video was shot, it shows that Mavado has a very diverse fan base. It’s not often that we see officers sharing a joyful moment with dancehall artistes, however, these two agents just had to express their love for the “Gully Gad” and his content. While it is also unclear when the video was done, it is safe to assume that it is not recent because of the poor quality of the extremely pixelated clip. The faces of the two police officers are not clearly identified; however, the video depicts both a female and a male police officer.

The female officer can be heard telling the Jamaican DJ that she prays for him daily and that she has him on her phone. It is evident that her admiration for Mavado is quite deep, and she has no issues expressing it. Mavado responds to the officer’s show of love by embracing her and requesting that a picture be taken of them together; the officer is also heard giving Mavado the advice to “go with God” before they proceeded to hug each other. The male officer did not fall short in commending the artiste when Mavado approached him and shook his hand vigorously before saying, “Big up yourself.”

The video was posted hours ago to one of Mavado’s fan pages with the caption below:

Mavado has recently been involved in a court scandal where he is reportedly suing his former attorney. Mavado is accusing the disgraced attorney, Jennifer Messado, of fleecing him out of millions of dollars through a fake real estate venture that he embarked on.

The dates for the court hearing have been set for March 1st to March 3rd of this year. Since Mavado’s new lawyer, Oswest Senior-Smith, publicized the information about the scandalous case, it has not been clear how the artiste will provide evidence to the court on the matter.

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Over the years, Mavado has been seen making major moves by collaborating with international heavyweight artistes such as Nicki Minaj and Stefflon Don. He also made a post in December last year to his Instagram account, giving a sneak peek of his mansion.

Watch what happened below:

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