Police Says Youngsters Found In Hayes Car Crash Received No Gunshot Injuries

Monday, June 14, 2021, 8:45 AM GMT-5

The Police have given their report on an incident that took place in the community of Hayes Clarendon, which saw residents protesting against the officers of the law after they claimed that men who died in a recent car crash in the area were shot up by them.

According to the reports from the authorities, however, about 8:55 pm they were on a spot check operation when a Nissan AD wagon was spotted and the driver was told to stop. The Police then said that the driver sped off to dodge them, whereafter they proceeded to search for the car only to find it in a crashed state.

Upon their approach of the vehicle, the authorities reported that shots were reeled off at them which led them to fire back.

After the gunshots were cooled, the officers went to search the area and 8 occupants were found injured from the crash. They were later brought to the hospital where two of the individuals identified as 21-year-old Kavaughn Salmon, and 17-year-old Janoy Blair, of a Top Hill address in Hayes, Clarendon were pronounced dead, while the others were treated.

To get a further investigation going in the matter it was reported to the Independent Commission of Investigations, the Inspectorate and Professional Standards and Oversight Bureau, as well as to Traffic Investigations.

Learn more from the video report below.

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