Police Uncover Information On Laptop Showing That Bizarre Mobay Cult Church Was Planning To Sacrifice 144

The Police has been making progress where the investigation is concerned since they recently confiscated a laptop from one of the senior church members of the Pathway Restoration Ministries in St. James, the computer reportedly has information about the leaders intension to sacrifice 144 members and flee the country by way of an ark.

As reported earlier, Police along with soldiers in a joint military team invaded a 3-day convention the church group was keeping after they received intelligence from a member of the bizarre group who was injured and taken to hospital. According to the Police, the information made them have high suspicions that human sacrifices were being planned at the convention.


Upon their intrusion on the property of the 3-day event the church was keeping, the security forces were greeted with gunfire which led them to have to call for reinforcements. One man was even killed after he tried to attack the Police.

After the shooting cooled, the joint Police military team was able to search the premises and discovered that two persons were killed over the weekend, as a part of a human sacrifice ritual and that a JCF member was involved.

42 persons were initially arrested however at this time, only 9 men from the church remain in Police custody. The previously mentioned laptop was taken by the JCF and processed, which was one of the key clues that led them to discover the intricate plot that was supposed to take the lives of 144 persons.

New information has revealed that the Pastor who is Dr Kevin Ontoniel Smith, is well connected with persons in the sphere of entertainment, sports and the political arena as many pictures surfaced with him posing with them.


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